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New Arrival LED luminous light up wedding dress
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Lumisonata Love story

LED luminous light up wedding dress,shine for love


There are some romance about you

Don’t forget this your wedding day ,Pls Remember that i love you .


A room for two, three meals for four seasons, the world is not as beautiful as you.

Mr. Chen and Miss Wang are a couple who are going to get married. They have   

been in love for seven years since they were in school. They are very happy to    

finally get married.                                                                                                   

When everything is properly prepared, they are faced with a big problem that is   

how to choose a wedding dress.                                                                               


Mr. Chen wants to give Miss Wang a special wedding dress, which is representative

 the beautiful and unforgettable memory, but can not find the direction and clue.       


Miss Wang was afraid of the dark. Recalling her campus days, there have one day   

 that leave at home alone , and that night it rained heavily, lightning flashed and        

 thundered, and there was a power cut at home.Mr. Chen call comforted her.              


Mr. Chen thought of it, an idea suddenly flashed in his mind, Maybe he can made the led

 light up luminous led dress,also the wedding dress can glowing the light in the dark ,the  

led dress light glow in the dark ,Shine for the love,just let this led wedding dress light     

up our wedding day !                                                                                                           


I can't have any regrets for your wedding.