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Where is luminous fabric used more?
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Luminous fabrics, as the name suggests, is light-emitting fabrics. This kind of fabric 

    can be luminous by weaving luminous optical fibers in ordinary fabrics to get a shining

   starlight visual effect. Like ordinary fabrics, it can be applied into clothing accessories,

 and can also be made into luggage, shoes, hats and car interiors etc.                             



In the fascinating night, light spots collide with dark particles, and brought the dazzling

stars, no matter what it is a luminous wedding dress or a luminous Automotive trim, all 

          show low-key and unassuming colors in the night. The magical and simple principle structure.

      However, still meet many technical problems in the manufacturing process, but we were all 

 overcome challenge. For ten year, we only do one thing.                                                    


On stage performance or a nightclub HAPPY, you can dress our luminous costumesThink

about the enthusiastic atmosphere and shocking performance effects. The eyes and         

applause come together. The dreamy and eye-catching visual effects. Standing on the        

stage, every move, the audience’s The atmosphere was also driven, and seeing the           

sparkling clothing was also very eye-catching. If it is a nightclub party, wearing cool           

 luminous accessories and luminous clothing will surely ignite the audience!                        



Have fun,your happy I pay for !