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Led Wedding Dress Description

This is beautiful, unique, marvelous and attracting the attention of fiber optic light up wedding dress which glowing in the dark. Super hot sale, comfortable and does not lose its shape. Ideal for your unique wedding.

All eyes on you when you wear our glow glitter wedding dress ! Perfect for all show events too.

2. the best glow in the dark wedding dress have the delicate chipping, smooth line,Natural high quality fabrics,When turn of the led light ,the wedding dress will light up 7 different color and with 24 different flashing mode !


3.The glow in the dark light up wedding dress are made with the high quality fiber optic fabric which combination the optic fiber and intelligent electronic technology.The weft of fiber optic fabric is as per 1:4 /1:2 proportion to add 0.25mm diameter POF to make the woven fabric.the fabric composition is about 60.8% polyester fiber, 28.2% fiber optic, 11% chinlon.

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4 . The led light up bridal gowns wedding dresses is rechargeable -Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery,Recharge the battery box ,when it is recharging, the battery will twinkle red light, when finish recharging, the red light will be off.

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5.The led bride gowns . led wedding dresses ,luminous light up wedding dresses,glitter wedding dresses,glow wedding dress is original gift on wedding,weddings anniversary, birthday or some other special events. Funny surprise for lover.


6.when the led glitter wedding dress light off ,also very Super beautiful and luxury,When your see it,your world blossoms,your word become more colorful because of it.

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